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JustReachOut is a web service, created for entrepreneurs to help them leverage their connections with journalists. One pitch, one win.


JustReachOut is a blown away tool for marketers and PR managers. It helps people to reach out to journalists via internal e-mail service or regular e-mail. The services searches relevant journalists by keywords they are using mostly and aggregates them to the list to choose from.

How to create the relevant solution for small companies who needs a PR and connections with journalists?

One day in 2015 well-known marketer Dmitry Dragilev, who was the marketer of acquired by Google company named Polar, contacted me to help with his new idea related to PR. He asked me to make the design for the JustReachOut. Dmitry was engaged with marketing enough to produce as much as possible effort to this industry.

Dmitry has already chosen the development firm and Ukrainian development company called RailsReactor has been involved in creation of the prototype for this service.

As far as project started, I did the set of wireframes to be on the same page with Dmitry.


High-level goals

I’ve been focused on developing a product for immediate production. Dmitry wanted to release JustReachOut as soon as possible to start advertising and marketing for getting income. 

The main goal was building a product from scratch, for the audience of startup marketers, small companies and PR managers. The MVP had to be designed according to the idea that the site will be useful for the core audience. 



Perhaps the core challenge with this project was delivering top-notch results on a very limited timeframe. In the end, I operated flexibly, creating and uploading the “must-have” elements before moving onto the rest of the site. The secondary challenge was producing the designs without a background in marketing. Dmitry was pleased to help me to find the best solution in informational flow and copy. I was under control of various marketing techniques I had to follow strictly.

My role in the project


User interface & Interaction design

I’ve worked on producing the interaction flows and optimizing UX structure to help JustReachOut customers finding what they wanted in a shorter time.



I made a contribution to the ideation stage and generated the ideas for the product which were iteratively implemented.


Execution & Deliverables

I worked with development team and controlled them to make the pixel-perfect implementation according to what I have designed.


Design version had to be produced in as shorter as possible terms. To prove my assumptions I did the
fully-functional prototype in InVision.

Marketing site

The homepage was built with two iterations, one was MVP-like which is not reflected in that case study. The following approach doubled the conversion rate.
The site was built based on marketing AIDA rule (attention-interest-desire-action).


How might I understand the basic need for any startup marketer?

Product Design

The intent to built the most intuitive user experience. I did several approaches with constantly adding functionality and the result became unmistakable and easy-to-understand.

Results page

Here you can find appropriate journalists via search form, entering the keyword related to your company.

Also, you can search via influencers in social media, find quora and reddit active users and more.


Mail page

This is the place where the magic happens. JustReachOut provides you an infinite amount of customizable templates with any style (formal or informal). These texts are proven by thousands of people who have already used JustReachOut.


Pitch history

The table you’re viewing is the list of e-mails you have already sent via JustReachOut. This product allows you to track the activity of any e-mail.
This functionality was discovered based on user needs of taking under control their cold pitches to journalists.



All the pages had to work perfectly on mobile. This intent was detected based on analytics where a solid part of JustReachOut visitors used the product from their cellphone or tablet.


User testing

We initiated a series of user testings to help us understand user’s needs on site as well as testing passability of flows from A to B.

Please note, according to the UserTesting.com Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, I’m able to share these videos on my site. If you are experiencing concerns about this share, please contact me iamandrewveles@gmail.com


Dmitry Dragilev, CEO at JustReachOut

Andrew redesigned our entire website starting from homepage to the entire functionality inside our SaaS with unbelievable attention to every detail yet very efficient and in a very timely manner. While he challenged some of my pre-conceptions about the design he was extremely easy to communicate with and very fast at implementing my suggestions. I highly recommend Andrew and the crew, I could not have been happier with the outcome. 


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